Park Village Home Owners Association (PV HOA)

Welcome to the homepage for Park Village Homeowners Association

The purpose of this website is to keep Park Village residents informed of the events and happenings in the neighborhood and have ready access to information related to the Park Village Home Owners Association. Park Village is a beautifully landscaped and maintained community with 605 homes covering approximately 200 acres in the Town of Cary, North Carolina.

Park Village Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

Process to Submit an Application for Architectural Changes on Your Property

The documentation necessary to submit an application for architectural changes can be found here. The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is responsible for reviewing applications for exterior architectural and landscaping changes from individual homeowners. Please contact RS Fincher is you have any questions at 919-362-1460.

Roofing Community Seminar: 12 & 13 Aug 2016

The Park Village Grounds and Facilities Committee (GFC) will host two community discussions focused on roofing maintenance, repair, and replacement.

Discussion items will include:

  • Maintenance, repair and replacement options
  • HOA Architectural Control Committee (ACC) requirements regarding new roofs
  • How to select a roofing contractor
  • How to identify if your roof replacement may be coverable by an insurance claim
  • How to work an insurance claim to maximize your claim benefit
  • How to obtain and use precise satellite measurements for your home, to help solicit estimates
  • How to get the best prices and quality of work
  • Possible neighborhood coordination to leverage ‘bulk’ pricing

The discussions will be facilitated by Matt Patmon who is the chairperson of the GFC. Matt is not affiliated with any contractor companies in North Carolina and there will not be any ‘sales’ presentations at the discussion…it is meant, rather, and a venue for information sharing and to help educate Park Village Residents of their options regarding roofing and roof work. Matt has an extensive background in home renovations with emphasis on roofing and will be able to share information from an ‘insider’s’ point of view.

The discussions will be hosted at the Park Village Clubhouse, starting at the following dates and times:

  • Friday, 12 August, 6:30 pm (please note that this was changed from the original 11 August)
  • Saturday, 13 August, 9:00 am

This discussion will be the first of hopefully more to come from the GFC. Upcoming topics may include siding, tree and shrub pruning, landscaping and lawn care, pre-sale home renovations, water draining options, and more. Have any topics you’d like to be the focus of any upcoming discussions? Please let the GFC know!

Please register by emailing You only need to provide your name in the body of the email to register…no additional information is required. Registration is not mandatory and you may just show up to the event, though registration will help us to ensure space.

Thank you,
The Park Village Grounds and Facilities Committee

Park Village Market Watchers

This Park Village residents group meets for discussion and education purposes only and covers Stock trading, Options trading, Futures, and Fore X trading

Participation requires agreement that the group does not provide specific trading advice, recommendations, or guidance, which is the responsibility of each member. The Market Watchers Group meets at 7:00pm on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the clubhouse. Members need to bring their own internet connect device (laptop, tablet, etc.) as internet connectivity will be used. First time participants will need to sign a single page waver. Prior to attending, please contact the group chairperson for the current list of web information sites and applications that are used during the meeting. We look forward to having you join this fun and exciting group.

Park Village Yahoo Group

Park Village maintains a Yahoo! Group to help keep residents informed on neighborhood news and events.

Please include contact information (name, street address and email address) in your request to join. The Park Village Yahoo! Group is strictly for residents of Park Village. Personal information will be kept private. The information is only used to verify residency.

Click here to join
Click here to join!

Park Village Amenities

Neighborhood Amenities

Park Village is home to a community pool and clubhouse as well as a neighborhood playground.

In addition to the public greenways, Park Village has its own set of walking trails and common areas throughout the neighborhood. Along these trails you will find several fishin ponds.


The Clubhouse is available to Park Village Homeowners Association members for rental for their private functions. The clubhouse is also for the use of Park Village Committee sponsored events.

View the Clubhouse Rental Rules and Regulations.


The playground is open from sunrise until sundown.

The shelter is not available for rental, but is available on a first come, first serve basis. Feel free to have guests meet at the playground, but please bear in mind that we need to share the shelter facility amongst all of our Park Village families at all times, especially for those who may wish to park their little ones in strollers in the shade.

Pool Calendar

The pool will be open for the 2016 summer season from May to September (Dates may differ from year to year)

May 14 - June 8
Monday - Friday 4pm to 8pm
Saturday 10am to 8pm
Sunday 12pm to 8pm
Memorial Day 10am to 8pm
June 9 - August 21
Monday - Friday 10am to 9pm
Saturday 10am to 9pm
Sunday 12pm to 9pm
July 4th 10am to 9pm
August 22 - September 5
Monday - Friday 4pm to 8pm
Saturday 10am to 8pm
Sunday 12pm to 8pm
Labor Day 10am to 8pm

Park Village Services Overview

Some of the services here at Park Village

Contact Us

Below is information where you can reach Park Village Management

Address:315 S. Salem St., #500 Apex, NC 27502
Telephone: 919-362-1460
FAX: 919-362-1462